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A Question of Balance (AQOB) is broadcast on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm on 107.3 fm 2SER, the Sydney wide community radio station run by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney (SER stands for Sydney Educational Radio). The program is also delivered nationally via the CBAA Community Radio Network to community radio stations across Australia. The weekly programs stream live on the 2SER website: www.2ser.com where podcasts of the previous few programs are also available.


A Question of Balance hosted by Ruby Vincent, is a grassroots, environmental show.
It is designed for the general listener to show that we, the community, can do things to improve our environment and STILL maintain an enjoyable standard of living. On AQOB while we deal with important environmental issues, we aim to avoid the doom and gloom inevitable approach which makes many people either tune out or feel helpless.

Being well informed is essential if we want to make unbiased judgements about key environmental issues.

AQOB thrives on a wonderful - and ever expanding -group of enthusiastic experts who bring a wide range of content that will interest both the general listener, who may not be particularly interested in or concerned about environmental issues, as well as the more environmentally committed.

The show features two or three stories each week. 
Usually there is current story - with an interview with an independent academic or professional from the field of interest. Wildlife segments are also regular features, and a few examples of regular series in this area include Wildlife in the City; Island Sanctuaries and Frog Wrangler Time.

We launched this website partly in response to requests from listeners about pod casting or for copies of past interviews. Another reason is to bring to one site many website links that relate to our stories for interested listeners to follow up. This is our first venture into managing a website and as new content appears, new categories and pages are being developed. It will always be an evolving site, as new materials and series are broadcast.
Stories and downloads for the AQOB programs shown on the RADIO SHOW page by week of broadcast are available on the website as long as they are current or relevant. 
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For more information, please contact us

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