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Not O Kaye
John Kaye reviews Living in the Hothouse: How Global Warming Affects Australia

Listeners may be surprised to learn that John Kaye, who recently died, was part of A Question of Balance from early on. In one program from 2005 John Kaye introduces Living in the Hothouse by Ian Lowe, one of John’s heroes, which he recommends for every listener as a seminal work of our times. So 11 years later climate change is on our doorstep but it took a prescient environmental campaigner like John Kaye to highlight its looming challenges. This program was originally recorded in September 2005. In honour of John Kaye, A Question of Balance repeated broadcast on 10 May 2016, shortly after Dr Kaye sudden death. Listening to both John and Professor Lowe (and then Prof Mike Archer) what is disheartening is just how little has improved for the environment worldwide and especially Australia. Yet how quickly other ecological damage has swelled - for example, this was 2005 and pre Australia's major coal seam gas era. Sadly he will be missed but his messages live on, one being that ignoring climate change is not O Kaye. May 2016


John went on to be an elected Greens MP in the NSW parliament. His concern was not solely environmental but across Australian society for fair, just and compassionate government. Education was one of his key concerns. Image by Brock Perks 2015 http://www.theherald.com.au/story/3240742/greens-concern-for-belmont-tafe/#slide=1

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