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Turning the lights on for solar power stations

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Below: Heliostats at RayGen Bayswater plant June 2014    

In a nut shell: How the RayGen system achieves its high efficiencies.
Images and explanatory text from RayGen Resources (copyright) 2015.
Low-cost mirrors collect sunlight
The mirrors are self-powered and track the sun
Solar energy is focussed on a central receiver
Ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic cells, the same as used on satellites and space applications, create electricity without noise, vibration or moving parts
A closed-loop cooling system extracts heat
Standard inverters and electrical switchgear inject electricity into your existing electrical network Sophisticated and fully automated controls manage the output to complement the operation of the entire network, providing security and seamless operation
Energy storage can be integrated to store electricity and release it later to provide a smoothed output – highly suitable for peaky loads or management of diesel generator load control

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Forty percent efficiency and rising What caused the Black System in South Australia

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